What are we, as Kenny & Kenny, doing to keep our staff, clients and others safe during the corona-virus (COVID-19) crisis as businesses start to re-open? 

Intensified hygiene 

We have provided our employees with accurate information about ways to prevent the spread of infection and we have implemented the following measures to reduce the risk of workplace transmission: Ensuring that our employees have easy access to hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitizers; ensuring that public surfaces such as counters, table and desk tops, and doorknobs are regularly disinfected; instructing our employees on the importance of frequent hand washing, refraining from touching their face, and good cough/sneeze etiquette. 

Practice social distancing

Everyone should avoid close contact with people who are sick and stay home if you are sick. Stay at least 6 feet away from others while in public. If you are not able to stay 6 feet from others, you must wear a face mask or face covering while in public. 


Changes in Work Policy 

Our lawyers will be working both remotely from home as well as in-office as necessary to keep up with professional obligations and in-person Court appearances (as allowed and deemed necessary by the Court system). 


Changes in Visitor Policy

We encourage clients and others to engage with us by phone rather than coming to the office. Walk-ins will not be allowed at this time and we will be scheduling in-person appointments on an as-needed basis. 

As we are working both remotely from home and in-person, all calls will continue to be forwarded during business hours to a staff member who will take a message for the appropriate staff person or attorney to get back to you so that we can address your concerns during this time. 

We are asking clients and others who have been in contact with us, or have been in our office, to notify us if they test positive for the virus. We will be asking all visitors to our office to fill out a short screening questionnaire upon entry which will remain protected and confidential, except to the extent that we are required to report said information to health officials. If we hear from someone who has been in our office or in contact with us that they have tested positive for the virus, we will consult with local health officials about what steps to take to protect our staff, clients, and others we work with. 

Changes in Court Appearances

The New York State Court System continues to slowly expand in-court operations in a manner consistent with current health protocols (e.g., wearing masks and gloves, continuing to implement social distancing, and taking other appropriate precautions). Very limited personal appearances by public visitors – principally for the filing of emergency applications and papers in essential matters may be permitted. However, out of continued concern for public and court staff health and safety, the Court will continue to limit foot traffic in its courthouses wherever possible and continues to conduct as much business as possible virtually. 


The Workers' Compensation Board continues to conduct hearings remotely only through their Virtual Hearing System. All Board offices are still physically closed to the public. 


We care 

Kenny & Kenny cares about your health and our own. We are doing everything possible to minimize the risk this virus poses to our staff, clients, visitors, colleagues, and others. Please feel free to make further recommendations. This virus, and the best practices for continuing to fight and limit its spread, remain of paramount concern. 

We ask that you protect yourself and help us protect our community and the clients that we proudly serve from the further spread of COVID-19. 


Keep safe!